BAJ Lockdown Series Podcast – Working Away From Home
10 April, 2020

Recently I was interviewed for a podcast with the British Academy of Jewellery. The purpose of the podcast is to help people find ways of working around the broken supply chain we now find ourselves in during this COVID-19 lockdown. During the podcast, I make mention of several links to help answer some of the questions that were fielded. I wanted to provide a list of these links here.

Frequently Asked Questions 8 – Ideal CAD Computer Specifications for PC or Mac
21 January, 2014

In the latest of our Frequently Asked Questions articles, we discuss common specifications for buying a PC ready for CAD.

Gemvision Talks About How to Buy an Ideal PC for CAD
22 February, 2013

What a wonderful idea! Gemvision‘s own technical support manager Kent West has made this lovely video tutorial for those people looking for the best possible specification of