Digitally Produced Jewellery – The Academic Studio Jewellery Work of Sofia Hallik & Darja Popolitova
16 June, 2020

Sofia Hallik and Darja Popolitova at the Estonian Academy of Arts have released a fascinating article on digital contemporary jewellery. If you're interested in contemporary jewellery's relationship with digital design, have a look.

Something Beautiful in Body Adornment: Lisa Farrall’s Armour Hairstyle Collection
19 January, 2017

My instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery comes from a wonderfully unexpected direction– the world of creative hairdressing! Multi-award winning hairstylist Lisa Farrall has recently released a series of

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Jo Hayes Ward and Bathsheba Grossman
20 March, 2016

For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I'm presenting two pioneers of 3D printed contemporary art jewellery design-- Jo Hayes-Ward and Bathsheba Grossman

Jewellery as a Projection Mapping Onto the Body?
8 February, 2016

With recent advances in body projection and motion tracking, it seems several designers and developers are revisiting the idea of projecting jewellery and accessories as light onto the body. Only this time, they've added a whole new level of functionality.

Jewellery Focus Article – How is Designer Maker Jewellery Sold Now?
13 October, 2015

Not too long ago I wrote a series of research articles for Jewellery Focus on the changing face of the jewellery industry. The first of the series

Prosthetic Limbs and 3D Printing – A short history, and Why CAD Jewellers Should Take Notice
15 September, 2015

Of all the industries revolutionised by 3D printing, perhaps none has been more improved than prosthetic limb design. These are my reasons why jewellery CAD designers should take notice.

Sentimental About The Future – Jewellers Who Wear Their Use Of 3d Printing Technology Proudly
1 June, 2015

It seems the trend in jewellers using 3D printed materials as the product for sale itself continues to grow. With each new wave of 3D printed jewellers

Exhibition Review – Unexpected Pleasures at the Design Museum
6 February, 2013

Last week I visited the Design Museum‘s special exhibition on Contemporary Art Jewellery, entitled Unexpected Pleasures.

Current Jewellery Exhibitions Around the World
3 October, 2012

It seems the Society of Jewellery Historians post a first rate listing on their website highlighting current jewellery exhibitions running across the UK and in the rest

Wearable Art, Studio Jewellery, and Their Relationship to CAD
30 July, 2012

For those who have never heard the term Wearable Art (also variably known as Contemporary Jewellery, Art Jewellery, or Studio Jewellery) before, I offer a short history