The eRosary – Smart Jewellery Goes Ecclesiastical
21 October, 2019

As part of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Initiative, they've recently launched the eRosary smart jewellery and associated app. Yes, it's a real thing. And it's rather inventive, actually.

Economist Article – The Moving Finger Moves On – Advances in Touch Screen User Interfaces
15 February, 2016

The Economist has recently released an excellent technology research piece on recent innovations in touch screen technology.

Prosthetic Limbs 3D Printed For a Dog
17 December, 2014

As a little bit of Christmas compassion just in time for the holidays, I present a story currently making the rounds about Derby, a Husky mix born

3D Systems Launches Geomagic Sculpt with Touch 3D Haptic Stylus
30 October, 2014

Yesterday 3D Systems announced the launch of their new Touch 3D haptic stylus and Geomagic Sculpt CAD software. Best of all: the case study they’re using for the

The Future of the Touch Interface? Microsoft’s 3D Haptic Project Incorporates Touch Screens With Tactile Feedback
2 July, 2013

Microsoft Research is working on an interesting project right now involving a touch screen which not only allows users to move objects on a screen, but also

Dispatches from the 3D PrintShow 2012 in London
21 October, 2012

This weekend I went to a wonderful open trade show highlighting the best of US and UK time compression technologies (that would be 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping,