6 Luxury Jewellery Brands Which Use Materials and Manufacturing Inventively
26 August, 2017

A growing number of designer jewellery brands who are happily stepping into what was once the preserve of the contemporary art jeweller-- innovative choices of material and method. Here are a few of a growing list of premium and luxury brands which create jewellery using both innovative materials and innovative manufacturing processes:

Nylon 3D Printed Jewellery as a Product – Rebecca Wilkes’ Flower Jewellery
13 November, 2016

Rebecca Wilkes has begun to produce some nylon 3D printed jewellery with interchangeable parts.

Lockheed Martin Files Patent For Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer
23 August, 2016

According to a recent article from 3D Printing Industry, Lockheed Martin has just filed a patent for a synthetic diamond 3D printer. And predictably, social media’s imagination

Exciting New Applications For Wearable Technology and Smart Jewellery
25 November, 2015

It seems we have recently started seeing a big momentum change in the fields of wearable tech and smart clothing. Recent innovations in embedded RFID technology (as I

Avi Reichental’s TED Talk About the Future of 3D Printing
10 June, 2015

This fantastic lecture comes courtesy of a former student and author of the jewelleryweekly.com blog. (Thank you, Anissa!) President and CEO of 3D Systems Avi Reichental has presented quite

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Shiruba Tree Bespoke Wood and Silver Jewellery
6 April, 2015

Sometimes you can take very old processes and combine them together to find a new innovation in jewellery making. For my latest entry in Something Beautiful in Jewellery,

The World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Emergent Technologies for 2015
5 March, 2015

The World Economic Forum has just published an interesting list of their predictions for the top 10 most prominent emergent technologies for this year. Of course, 3D

3DPrinting.com Article – MakerBot Announces Iron, Wood, and Limestone 3D Printing Filaments
9 January, 2015

3DPrinting.com has published an article discussing how MakerBot is currently formulating effective 3D printing materials to simulate both iron, wood, limestone, and bronze. See for yourself: 3DPrinting.com

i.materialise’s Periodic Table of 3D Printed Materials
1 December, 2014

This came up in class today, so I thought it would be useful to share with everyone. i.materialise has published their own handy guide to 3D printed

3D Inking and GE Electronics
14 November, 2014

On the recent GE Looking Ahead posting in the Economist online, they discuss a technology called 3D Inking. It is similar to 3D printing, except that what is being printed