The eRosary – Smart Jewellery Goes Ecclesiastical
21 October, 2019

As part of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Initiative, they've recently launched the eRosary smart jewellery and associated app. Yes, it's a real thing. And it's rather inventive, actually.

Contraceptive Jewellery Begins Trials
22 May, 2019

Recently UK newspaper the Independent released an article on the Georgia Institute of Technology's trial run for contraceptive jewellery.

MIT’s DuoSkin – Conductive Smart Tattoos Which Connect With Your Mobile Phone
17 August, 2016

The MIT Media Lab has recently developed metallic temporary tattoos which can communicate with other electronic devices such as sending signals to your mobile phone. They call it

Swarovski Enters Smart Jewellery Market with Shine Activity Crystal
27 June, 2016

Smart jewellery manufacturer Misfit has partnered up with Swarovski to develop a smart bracelet and pendant which combines activity tracking with a rather nice sparkling clock face function. It makes for both a very elegant and very functional piece of wearable technology.

Exciting New Applications For Wearable Technology and Smart Jewellery
25 November, 2015

It seems we have recently started seeing a big momentum change in the fields of wearable tech and smart clothing. Recent innovations in embedded RFID technology (as I