Jewellery Focus Article – Casting: Are Manufacturers Matching the Retailers into the Future?
9 December, 2019

Every so often, it is good to hear the counterpoint opinion on jewellery CAD, especially from those who have the expertise to know what they're talking about. Here is a critical opinion of CAD training from Mike Hurst of Jewellery Casting Scotland, with my opinions offered after.

The Jeweller Magazine Article – It’s a CAD World – The Current State of Jewellery CAD in the UK
7 October, 2019

A little over a year ago, I had an interview with the Jeweller Magazine about public perceptions of Jewellery CAD in the UK. I'm happy to say at long last I have permission to share that article with you.

Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing, and the Goldsmiths Centre Technology Day
13 June, 2016

Professional Jeweller has published an article about CAD/CAM and its effect on jewellery manufacturing. While it’s mostly an advertorial, it does discuss GVUK Design‘s Technology Day regularly

Avi Reichental’s TED Talk About the Future of 3D Printing
10 June, 2015

This fantastic lecture comes courtesy of a former student and author of the blog. (Thank you, Anissa!) President and CEO of 3D Systems Avi Reichental has presented quite

Jewellery Focus Soapbox Article – Here’s What CAD Has Already Done To the Jewellery Industry
8 June, 2015

Back in March, I wrote a short piece for Jewellery Focus‘ Soapbox column. It was drafted in response to a previous article they had written about how

A Replacement For the STL File Format? – 3MF Consortium Introduces a New 3D Printing File Format
8 May, 2015

Over the past week a consortium of major players in 3D printing and software development (including Dassault Systèmes S.A., FIT AG/netfabb GmbH, Microsoft Corporation, HP, Shapeways, Inc., SLM Solutions Group AG, and Autodesk Inc.) have

Argos is Producing Custom Jewellery With CAD/CAM???
14 April, 2015

It’s a bit of a wild decision, but I have to give credit to the order-by-catalogue shopping outlet Argos for being brave enough to try something new and on-trend.

New British Pound Coin Design in ArtCAM Pro
18 March, 2015

The Royal Mint has announced a new design choice for the UK’s Pound coin to enter circulation in 2017. The design is based on the winning design entry from

The World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Emergent Technologies for 2015
5 March, 2015

The World Economic Forum has just published an interesting list of their predictions for the top 10 most prominent emergent technologies for this year. Of course, 3D

3D Inking and GE Electronics
14 November, 2014

On the recent GE Looking Ahead posting in the Economist online, they discuss a technology called 3D Inking. It is similar to 3D printing, except that what is being printed