3DPrinting.com Article – MakerBot Announces Iron, Wood, and Limestone 3D Printing Filaments
9 January, 2015

3DPrinting.com has published an article discussing how MakerBot is currently formulating effective 3D printing materials to simulate both iron, wood, limestone, and bronze. See for yourself: 3DPrinting.com

3DP Unlimited Print a Giant Sized Frankenstein’s Monster for Hallowe’en
28 October, 2014

In what must be my favourite publicity stunt of the year, the folks at 3DPlatform (previously 3DP Unlimited) have decided to 3D print a giant sized Frankenstein’s

A Gallery of Interesting 3D Printing Failures
18 August, 2013

The BBC News’ technology section has posted a fun little gallery of common 3D printing failures when working with FDM 3D printers, listed alongside what caused them. Many

A 3D Printer on Every Desktop? – The Cubify 3D Printer Series
9 April, 2013

We’ve known for a while about 3D printers getting cheaper and more accessible every year, particularly the Makerbot. But it seems now 3DSystems is taking the next