The Future of Prosthetics
11 December, 2020

This video from The Guardian shows off some wonderful innovations in prosthetic design, including discussion about designing prosthetics for fashion.

Boltenstern Launches a 3D Printed Gold and Platinum Jewellery Collection
20 September, 2017

Austrian jeweller Boltenstern has collaborated with Cooksons to develop and release the first platinum and gold 3D printed jewellery collection, called Embrace.

6 Luxury Jewellery Brands Which Use Materials and Manufacturing Inventively
26 August, 2017

A growing number of designer jewellery brands who are happily stepping into what was once the preserve of the contemporary art jeweller-- innovative choices of material and method. Here are a few of a growing list of premium and luxury brands which create jewellery using both innovative materials and innovative manufacturing processes:

Economist Article – 3D Printers Start to Build Factories of the Future
26 July, 2017

The Economist has recently written an excellent introductory briefing on the current state of 3D printing and how it will affect industry.

Boghossian Unveils New Merveilles Diamond Setting Technique
9 February, 2017

It seems even with old-fashioned fine jewellery techniques, innovation is still possible. With their new Merveilles collection, Swiss jeweller Boghossian has unveiled an entirely new diamond setting technique they call

FormLabs Blog Article – Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts
16 September, 2016

The technicians at FormLabs have written a first rate article on painting and applying clear-coats to 3D printed models to turn them from prototypes into sellable parts.

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Jo Hayes Ward and Bathsheba Grossman
20 March, 2016

For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I'm presenting two pioneers of 3D printed contemporary art jewellery design-- Jo Hayes-Ward and Bathsheba Grossman

Exciting New Applications For Wearable Technology and Smart Jewellery
25 November, 2015

It seems we have recently started seeing a big momentum change in the fields of wearable tech and smart clothing. Recent innovations in embedded RFID technology (as I

TCT Lecture – 3D Printing and the Potential For Creativity
9 November, 2015

At the recent autumn 2015 TCT 3D Printing Exhibition, product artist Lionel T. Dean of Future Factories gave an interesting lecture on 3D printing as an enabler

TCT Article – Reverse Engineering the Perfect Proposal
7 August, 2015

In all the years I’ve been writing this blog, I haven’t come across very many good case studies involving using 3D scanning to assist in jewellery making.