How to Copy Protect Your STL Files
6 September, 2017

The Makers Muse Youtube channel has recently released a video with some excellent practical advice on how to place copy-protection measures on your .stl files. This is particularly important advice for those who sell their models on online 3D modelling communities. Have a look:

i.materialise Article – 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing 3D Models for 3D Printing
25 March, 2017

I.materialise published an article on their blog about 5 common mistakes many 3D modellers make when designing for 3D printing. Read their list, and the additional items I've added.

ProtoLabs Offers Torus – Free Product Design Reference for 3D Designers
6 September, 2016

ProtoLabs has created a handy physical reference piece for 3D product designers. They call it the Torus, and it's available as a free limited time giveaway.

TCT Lecture – 3D Printing and the Potential For Creativity
9 November, 2015

At the recent autumn 2015 TCT 3D Printing Exhibition, product artist Lionel T. Dean of Future Factories gave an interesting lecture on 3D printing as an enabler

TCT Magazine Article – How To Build a 3D Printing Bureau
17 July, 2015

Recently TCT Magazine spoke to their readership to ask them what it takes to build a successful 3D printing service bureau for any focus or industry (including jewellery).

Prosthetic Limbs 3D Printed For a Dog
17 December, 2014

As a little bit of Christmas compassion just in time for the holidays, I present a story currently making the rounds about Derby, a Husky mix born

Vancouver Designer Creates Innovative Discrete Flat Ring Box
7 September, 2014

Who says you can’t create something innovative for engagement ring boxes? Canadian product design student Andrew Zo came up with a new ring box design after speaking with a

Guardian Article – 30 Things Being 3D Printed Right Now
12 June, 2014

It’s an old article, but it’s still fun to see what’s out there. The Guardian’s technology section has assembled a pretty respectable list showcasing the weird and wonderful variety

Economist Article – Dutch Company Pioneers 3D Printing of Optical Glass For Eyewear
10 June, 2014

In a recent article from the Economist’s Technology Quarterly, we learned that Dutch materials research company LuxExcel is developing a the process and materials for 3D printing acrylic of usable

BBC Article – 3D Printing in Education
15 May, 2014

Not long ago, I came across a nice article from the BBC News website about 3D printing as it’s being adopted by education. If you didn’t see it the