How to Copy Protect Your STL Files
6 September, 2017

The Makers Muse Youtube channel has recently released a video with some excellent practical advice on how to place copy-protection measures on your .stl files. This is particularly important advice for those who sell their models on online 3D modelling communities. Have a look:

READ MORE’s upcoming Design for 3D Printing Online Course Series
6 June, 2017

I don't normally recommend online courses, but seeing as what they're teaching isn't really being taught anywhere else at the moment, it's worth sharing. is running a series of Beginner Design for 3D Printing and Advanced Design for 3D Printing online courses. Check them out.

Setting Up the Cintiq Pen Tablet to Work Better with Zbrush.
12 March, 2015

A very talented colleague of mine here in the UK has recently completed an online tutorial (along with a video) on how to set up your Wacom

Video Tutorial – Matrix to Rhino Jewellery CAD Techniques Part 2 – Gem Cutter, Gem On Surface, and Prongs
14 September, 2014

And now for the second of my two jewellery CAD video tutorials focusing on how to use Matrix CAD techniques in Rhino. This one covers the Gem Cutter, Gem on

Video Tutorial – Matrix to Rhino Jewellery CAD Techniques Part 1 – Ring Rail, Profile Placer, Gem Loader and Bezel Builder
12 September, 2014

You asked for it, so here it is: I present the first of my two jewellery CAD video tutorials focusing on how to use Matrix CAD techniques in Rhino. This

FATHOM Produces a Video Showing Entire 3D Printing to Injection Moulding Process
17 November, 2013

3D Printing Industry webzine has discovered an interesting video produced by product design CAD/CAM Service Bureau FATHOM which features a nice step by step guide of the plastic

Generative Jewellery Design – Using Rhino, Grasshopper and Generative Algorithms to Experiment with Jewellery Forms
21 July, 2013

I recently stumbled upon a community dedicated to the use of generative algorithms in 3D modelling for jewellery. In English, that is to say they experiment with

Workflows for Jewellery Design in T-Splines and Rhino
12 July, 2013

I recently was pointed to this video. While it’s as much a T-Splines sales seminar as anything, it walks through some good workflow examples of how to

Video Tutorials – Using the Custom Ring Rail Builder in Matrix to Make a Split Shank
28 January, 2013

Welcome back. I’m still working my way through CAD video tutorials, so I’ll post another one here: Today’s video is a demo tutorial for Gemvision Matrix, based

Video Tutorials – Using T-Splines for Rhino To Make a Sculptable Crossover Ring
17 January, 2013

And now for a new tutorial. This one is for T-Splines for Rhino, and talks about how to make a sculptable crossover ring. It is one of