The Future of Prosthetics
11 December, 2020

This video from The Guardian shows off some wonderful innovations in prosthetic design, including discussion about designing prosthetics for fashion.

The Phantom Limb Project’s Amazing Collaboration Between Prosthetics and Video Game Design
26 July, 2016

James Dyson Award-winning prosthetic designers Open Bionics have established a collaboration with Konami (makers of Metal Gear Solid) to develop a new kind of creative prosthetic limb design. They call it the Phantom Limb Project.

Prosthetic Limbs and 3D Printing – A short history, and Why CAD Jewellers Should Take Notice
15 September, 2015

Of all the industries revolutionised by 3D printing, perhaps none has been more improved than prosthetic limb design. These are my reasons why jewellery CAD designers should take notice.

Prosthetic Limbs 3D Printed For a Dog
17 December, 2014

As a little bit of Christmas compassion just in time for the holidays, I present a story currently making the rounds about Derby, a Husky mix born

Learning to Walk Again With the Rex Bionics Artificial Walking Device, the Latest Development in Medical Bionic Exoskeletons
23 May, 2014

Rex Bionics has taken advantage of recent advances in bionic exoskeleton design to create an artificial walking device designed to allow those with spinal cord injuries to

Bespoke Innovations’ Custom Designed Prosthetic Limbs
9 March, 2014

It seems the more I research into 3D printed items worn on the body, the more I seem to discover about prosthetic (artificial) limb manufacturers. One particularly