2Shapes – Remote Bespoke Design With Clients Run via Cloud Computing
5 April, 2019

Not too long ago a web service called 2Shapes was brought to my attention. Its premise is an interesting one - remote interactive bespoke design directly with a client. See what I have to think about it.

Gemvision Opens Up New Production Choices With New CounterSketch Studio International
18 December, 2015

Gemvision and Stuller are set to launch the newest version of their retail semi-bespoke 3D design program CounterSketch in January, called CounterSketch International. It has some very interesting new features, including the ability to download the .3dm models you make.

What Makes a Bespoke Design Customer?
10 December, 2013

For all the fuss made in recent years about the resurgence of bespoke design, and how it would revolutionise the state of luxury goods and crafts, it