Rhino 7 Now Available with Subdivision Modelling

26 November, 2020

After only a little more than a year of development, McNeel officially released the latest update to their Rhinocerous 3D software, Rhino version 7!

For a software that normally releases a new version every 5 years or so, it’s quite unusual to have such a quick turnaround. But McNeel have done this as a response to a popular trend appearing across product design CAD modellers– the introduction of Subdivision character modelling tools, or as Rhino calls them, their new SubD tool set.

Having spent a significant amount of time this year (since the first lockdown) experimenting with these for use in jewellery, I can say with some confidence these are the best of their kind for any subdivision tool plug-in Rhino is or has used to date. While they still suffer from Rhino’s signature inability to come up with an easy-to-say name for most of their commands, the tools are better integrated into the NURBS workflow than ever before.

Rhino 7 upgrades can be purchased through the RhinoWebStore, or by contacting SimplyRhino directly.

If you’d like to learn how to use Rhino 7’s new SubD tools, I offer one-to-one masterclass training specifically for Rhino 7 Subdivision modelling tools.


Jack Meyer

Bespoke jewellery designer, and specialist in jewellery CAD/CAM and emergent technologies that affect jewellery.

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