Creating 3D Models in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium
8 May, 2018

Cinematography Database has recently performed a test run on Oculus Rift's own 3D content and production tool Oculus Medium. It gives a good overview of just what these virtual reality tools can already do. See for yourself.

3D Modelling in Virtual Reality
25 May, 2016

In the past few months, three experimental products have appeared which capitalise on virtual reality for use in 3D modelling.

Face By Holition – Next Generation Face Tracking Augmented Reality For Cosmetics
10 February, 2015

From the clever people (and old colleagues of mine) at Holition comes another wonderful innovation in augmented reality. Introducing Face by Holition, an app which uses next

Replacing the Keyboard and Mouse
29 November, 2012

Today we’re talking about the keyboard and mouse. Or rather, the extinction of the keyboard and mouse. Even when SRI International first invented the first computer mouse

Connecting Real Objects to Computer Worlds (Updated)
8 November, 2012

One very active area for technological innovation right now seems to be finding increasingly fast and easy interfaces for machines. Company after company seems to be working

How Virtual Product Design Will Affect Online Retail
2 December, 2010

I recently stumbled upon an article from Adobe’s Think Tank about the importance of virtual stock, and how it will affect both retail and manufacturing. Although it

3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Already Being Used in Jewellery and Accessories Retail
4 November, 2010

In case you didn’t notice, the Microsoft X-Box Kinect has been launched today. I’ve been following AR (Augmented Reality) technology for a while, even before it had