2Shapes – Remote Bespoke Design With Clients Run via Cloud Computing
5 April, 2019

Not too long ago a web service called 2Shapes was brought to my attention. Its premise is an interesting one - remote interactive bespoke design directly with a client. See what I have to think about it.

Ganoksin Article – CAD Craft in Ron Litolff’s Ring
1 December, 2015

The Ganoksin Project website has posted an article offering an interesting case study in using CAD modelling to amplify a classically designed filigree bespoke engagement ring made for a client commission.

A Personal Bespoke Design Story Using 3Design CAD
29 October, 2015

Recently David Law posted on his Linkedin Pulse blog a nice case study of using 3Design CAD to develop a personal bespoke design for a customer’s perfect proposal. What’s

AXA Insurance and Jewellery Replacement Through Bespoke Design
20 April, 2014

It would seem AXA Insurance has come up with a rather clever solution to replacing lost jewellery. They now offer a service which will not just cover the

What Makes a Bespoke Design Customer?
10 December, 2013

For all the fuss made in recent years about the resurgence of bespoke design, and how it would revolutionise the state of luxury goods and crafts, it