i.materialise Article – How to Make Money With 3D Printing
29 November, 2016

i.materialise's blog recently publised a good article on ways to help 3D printing content creators to make their work more profitable through online distribution.

3 Online Jewellery Shops For Jewellery CAD Designer-Makers
9 December, 2015

Just in time for holiday shopping, I've gathered here three very different online businesses I haven't mentioned before but definitely deserve more attention from jewellery CAD designers.

E-lancing is Everywhere – How E-lancing and Crowdsourcing Are Changing How Everyone Hires Services, and How Freelance Design Is Affected
16 January, 2015

  Last week, the Economist published an article about how a whole host of freelance apps and websites have appeared which are each trying to do for

The Rise Of CAD Model Marketplaces For 3D Printing, and Their Biggest Problem
4 August, 2013

Because we now have household 3d printers available, and more shops (both general high-street chains and dedicated stores) are selling 3D printers to the general public, there