Digitally Produced Jewellery – The Academic Studio Jewellery Work of Sofia Hallik & Darja Popolitova
16 June, 2020

Sofia Hallik and Darja Popolitova at the Estonian Academy of Arts have released a fascinating article on digital contemporary jewellery. If you're interested in contemporary jewellery's relationship with digital design, have a look.

Closed Software Ecosystems, Jewellery Technology Monopolies, and Adversarial Interoperability – The Dark Side of New Technology Part 3
28 October, 2019

It’s time for another article for my Dark Side of New Technology series. Today we’ll be talking about closed software ecosystems and the proposed solution of adversarial interoperability.

2Shapes – Remote Bespoke Design With Clients Run via Cloud Computing
5 April, 2019

Not too long ago a web service called 2Shapes was brought to my attention. Its premise is an interesting one - remote interactive bespoke design directly with a client. See what I have to think about it.

CAD Jewellery Skills Blog is now back, but it may not be for long unless we stop Article 13
26 March, 2019

I’m pleased to say regular postings to the CAD Jewellery Skills blog are now up and running again. However, if the European Copyright Directive Article 13 passes, this may not be for long. Sign the petition to stop Article 13 before it's too late.

Creating 3D Models in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium
8 May, 2018

Cinematography Database has recently performed a test run on Oculus Rift's own 3D content and production tool Oculus Medium. It gives a good overview of just what these virtual reality tools can already do. See for yourself.

In Detail Article – How Instagram Transformed the Jewellery World
4 April, 2018

Not too long ago, In Detail magazine released an article about the effect of new Instagram-based digital PR and marketing strategies on jewellery retail. It's quite a good read.

Economist Article – 3D Printers Start to Build Factories of the Future
26 July, 2017

The Economist has recently written an excellent introductory briefing on the current state of 3D printing and how it will affect industry.

The Pilot – The Smart Earpiece Which Translates Languages As You Speak
2 November, 2016

Currently gathering momentum on Indiegogo right now is the Pilot smart earpiece, a device capable of translating foreign languages as you hear them.

The Phantom Limb Project’s Amazing Collaboration Between Prosthetics and Video Game Design
26 July, 2016

James Dyson Award-winning prosthetic designers Open Bionics have established a collaboration with Konami (makers of Metal Gear Solid) to develop a new kind of creative prosthetic limb design. They call it the Phantom Limb Project.

3D Modelling in Virtual Reality
25 May, 2016

In the past few months, three experimental products have appeared which capitalise on virtual reality for use in 3D modelling.