Kathryn Hinton – Innovations in CAD/CAM Silversmithing

Previously I’ve heard some colleagues ask if anyone is actually using Jewellery CAD/CAM in silversmithing. While I will admit there aren’t as many working in silversmithing as they’re are in jewellery, there are a growing number. One particularly strong exponent of new technology in silversmithing is Kathryn Hinton.

Kathryn Hinton - CAD Silversmith

Since Kathryn Hinton’s MA degree at the Royal College of Art, she has been doing some fascinating and very innovative work with applying experimental uses of CAD/CAM, CNC Milling, and 3D Printing in the creation of hollow forms for silversmithing. I met her myself at a technology event earlier this year at the Goldsmiths Centre, and she’s a mighty clever lady.

If you’d like to hear what she’s doing in her own words, Craft Scotland just published a video interview with her at her residency at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Craft Scotland Interview – Kathryn Hinton and CAD/CAM Silversmithing.


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