Merry Christmas from CAD Jewellery Skills!
23 December, 2019

Today we celebrate not only the holiday season, but the close of our 9th year of existence. I would like to take a moment to thank all of the loyal readers of this blog, and talk about some of the exciting changes we've been making over the past few months, as well as what the new year will bring.

Announcing a New Beginners 3Design Essentials Short Course!
5 December, 2018

I'm pleased to announce our new Beginners 3Design Essentials Short Course in London, starting 4 January. Find out more and sign up today!

A Personal Bespoke Design Story Using 3Design CAD
29 October, 2015

Recently David Law posted on his Linkedin Pulse blog a nice case study of using 3Design CAD to develop a personal bespoke design for a customer’s perfect proposal. What’s

Frequently Asked Questions 11 – What are Parametric Solid Modelling and Direct Modelling, and How Do They Apply to Jewellery CAD?
6 March, 2015

(This article is one of my series of Frequently Asked Questions posts. See the rest of the FAQ pages.) After a discussion with a colleague a few months

Video Tutorials – Making a 3 Stone Ring with 3Design CAD’s Parametric History
14 January, 2013

We’re on a roll with video tutorials, so I’m going to keep going. This one’s a sampler for the 3Design CAD training masterclasses we offer at CAD Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions Part 4 – When 2 CAD Programs Are Better Than 1 – Jewellery CAD Software Combinations
1 October, 2012

(Updated November 2018) (This continues my series of Frequently Asked Questions. See the rest of the FAQ pages.) Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about

Comparing 3Shaper and T-Splines for Matrix
21 September, 2012

  Recently, we’ve started adding both T-Splines and 3Shaper to our computer courses here at CAD Jewellery Skills. This means I’ve been spending a lot of time

Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 – Jewellery CAD Software Comparisons (Updated)
18 July, 2012

On this and subsequent articles in my FAQ series, I will break down the most commonly asked questions from my own particular fields of expertise. For part 1, we’ll start off with the most common question of them all: "Which Jewellery CAD software should I learn?"

Sharing Between CAD Programs – The Trouble With Importing and Exporting Models
18 October, 2010

Why does there need to be so many different proprietary file formats among CAD software packages?