Precision 5-Axis CNC for Jewellery with NS CNC Mills
20 February, 2022

Since it has come to my attention several students had been asking what 5-axis CNC milling for jewelllery looks like, I thought it would be good to share an excellent example of this applied technology - the NS CNC Mill.

Whatever Happened to ArtCAM Jewelsmith? CarveCo and the Next Generation of Relief Modelling CAD and CNC Tools
6 April, 2020

A year and a half ago, ArtCAM Jewelsmith was discontinued by Autodesk. Find out a bit more about its successor CarveCo, and the other 2.5D relief CAD modelling software packages out there.

CNC Cookbook’s 10 Things Beginning CNC Mill Users Need
7 January, 2016

The nice people at the CNC Cookbook blog have put together a valuable article of good starting up tips for new users of CNC mills. Many of these

Kathryn Hinton – Innovations in CAD/CAM Silversmithing
11 October, 2014

Previously I’ve heard some colleagues ask if anyone is actually using Jewellery CAD/CAM in silversmithing. While I will admit there aren’t as many working in silversmithing as

Frequently Asked Questions 9 – Which are the Most Commonly Used 3D Printers for Jewellery?
14 August, 2014

(3D printers for jewellery list last updated 1 Nov 2019) (This article is one of my series of Frequently Asked Questions posts. See the rest of the FAQ

Video of Watch Being Made Using CNC Milling
22 July, 2014

I’ve been looking for a good video showing how CNC milling works in watch making for ages, and at long last I’ve found one. Nomos-Glashuette have kindly provided a

What Would Hybrid (Combined Additive and Subtractive) Prototyping Look Like?
26 June, 2014

I recently discovered a new video today which shows a relatively recent Hybrid Prototyping metal sintering machine in action. It’s fascinating to watch:   The machine you’re

Introducing the OtherMill 3-Axis CNC Mill – a Portable 3-Axis CNC Engraver and Mill
28 May, 2013

The concept of technology size and cost shrinking year upon year is not a new one, but it is particularly interesting to note how much activity is

Dispatches from the 3D PrintShow 2012 in London
21 October, 2012

This weekend I went to a wonderful open trade show highlighting the best of US and UK time compression technologies (that would be 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping,

Model Making Methodology for Jewellery
20 August, 2012

JETT Research Jewellery Technology has produced a very impressive research paper exploring the various advantages and disadvantages to every option and combination of jewellery model making techniques, whether