MatrixGold Update Release Announced
1 July, 2020

MatrixGold has just released its latest software update, accompanied with a proper official launch announcement across the Internet and social media. Read their full press release here.

Gemvision Opens Up New Production Choices With New CounterSketch Studio International
18 December, 2015

Gemvision and Stuller are set to launch the newest version of their retail semi-bespoke 3D design program CounterSketch in January, called CounterSketch International. It has some very interesting new features, including the ability to download the .3dm models you make.

Frequently Asked Questions 10 – 3D Scanning, Model Conversion, and Jewellery CAD
17 November, 2014

(or “Why can’t we just 3D scan a ring and make copies on a 3D printer?”) Last Updated 14 June 2016. This is a question which seems to

Video Tutorial – Matrix to Rhino Jewellery CAD Techniques Part 2 – Gem Cutter, Gem On Surface, and Prongs
14 September, 2014

And now for the second of my two jewellery CAD video tutorials focusing on how to use Matrix CAD techniques in Rhino. This one covers the Gem Cutter, Gem on

Video Tutorial – Matrix to Rhino Jewellery CAD Techniques Part 1 – Ring Rail, Profile Placer, Gem Loader and Bezel Builder
12 September, 2014

You asked for it, so here it is: I present the first of my two jewellery CAD video tutorials focusing on how to use Matrix CAD techniques in Rhino. This

A Sneak Peek At the Results of Matrix 8’s New Animation Builder
27 May, 2014

Unsurprisingly, Gemvision has been busy since we last checked on them. Matrix 8 development is well under way. They’ve been releasing recently sneak peek looks of the results

What Makes a Bespoke Design Customer?
10 December, 2013

For all the fuss made in recent years about the resurgence of bespoke design, and how it would revolutionise the state of luxury goods and crafts, it

Gemvision Talks About How to Buy an Ideal PC for CAD
22 February, 2013

What a wonderful idea! Gemvision‘s own technical support manager Kent West has made this lovely video tutorial for those people looking for the best possible specification of

Video Tutorials – Using the Custom Ring Rail Builder in Matrix to Make a Split Shank
28 January, 2013

Welcome back. I’m still working my way through CAD video tutorials, so I’ll post another one here: Today’s video is a demo tutorial for Gemvision Matrix, based

Frequently Asked Questions Part 4 – When 2 CAD Programs Are Better Than 1 – Jewellery CAD Software Combinations
1 October, 2012

(Updated November 2018) (This continues my series of Frequently Asked Questions. See the rest of the FAQ pages.) Today I’d like to take a moment to talk about