Kathryn Hinton – Innovations in CAD/CAM Silversmithing
11 October, 2014

Previously I’ve heard some colleagues ask if anyone is actually using Jewellery CAD/CAM in silversmithing. While I will admit there aren’t as many working in silversmithing as

Excellent Jewellery Design Advice from Stuller’s Product Developer Chuck Bowman
26 September, 2014

Recently, I discovered on Jewellery Making Daily a great interview with Chuck Bowman, one of Stuller‘s product developers, about the design development process. His insights make for some fantastic advice

3D Printed Manicure, Anyone? The Laser Girls Make a Splash With Their Innovative Nail Designs
24 January, 2014

A New York City based product design collective has been gathering international attention with their clever 3D printed nails.

3D Printing and a New Generation of Jewellery Design
22 June, 2013

With the new upsurge in 3D printing’s popularity, there seem to now be a cluster of jewellery designers (both amateur and professional) riding on the crest of

Contemporary Art Jewellers Who Work in CAD and 3D Printing
1 December, 2010

Rapid Prototyping (more recently known as 3D printing) has been available for industrial design for over 2 decades now, and it’s been in increasingly widespread use with jewellery