All3DP Article – Best 3D Printers for Jewellery
11 January, 2023

In which I reference All3dp's highly useful annually updated list of top picks for 3D printers usable for jewellery manufacturing.

Benchpeg’s Amazing List of Studio Jewellery Galleries and Stockists in the UK
3 February, 2020

Benchpeg gathered their own list of studio jewellery galleries and stockists still trading in the UK. The result is a wonderful resource for independent jewellers.

Which is Better? Online Jewellery CAD Training, Video Tutorials, or Offline CAD Courses? (Frequently Asked Questions Part 13)
25 November, 2019

Since I started this blog, I’ve avoided discussing the growing phenomenon of online training because of my own concerns over conflict of interest. With this article, all that changes. I’ve spent 9 years researching all the major types of online and offline training delivery methods. In this article, I'm now sharing and discussing my findings.

10 Useful Digital Tools for Building an Online Jewellery Business
11 November, 2019

Guest blogger Paul Haywood from the Haywood Life offers suggestions on best digital tools for building on online jewellery business.

3 Types of Websites Which Help CAD Jewellers Meet and Interact With New Clients Online
26 June, 2017

Previously we've talked about the different ways in which CAD is being used by jewellers to interact with their customers. Now I wanted to look at the ways in which jewellery CAD designers can offer their skills to the wider market.

10 Mentoring and Training Schemes To Help Build Your Jewellery Business (Updated)
28 February, 2017

BBC Business News recently aired a segment on How Crafts Workers are Learning to Sell their Work. In the segment, both the mentors and the craftsmen highlighted the importance of learning business skills. I agree, so I offer here a list of various mentorship and support schemes available for new jewellery businesses.

3D Printing Industry Blog Article – Best Commercial 3D Printing Services and Online Model Marketplaces
11 December, 2016

Not too long ago, the 3D Printing Industry Blog released their own list of best choices for commercial 3D printing services. Come see their list, and my thoughts on how these services fit into the changing jewellery industry.

i.materialise Article – How to Make Money With 3D Printing
29 November, 2016

i.materialise's blog recently publised a good article on ways to help 3D printing content creators to make their work more profitable through online distribution.

FormLabs Blog Article – Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts
16 September, 2016

The technicians at FormLabs have written a first rate article on painting and applying clear-coats to 3D printed models to turn them from prototypes into sellable parts.

ProtoLabs Offers Torus – Free Product Design Reference for 3D Designers
6 September, 2016

ProtoLabs has created a handy physical reference piece for 3D product designers. They call it the Torus, and it's available as a free limited time giveaway.