Creating 3D Models in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium
8 May, 2018

Cinematography Database has recently performed a test run on Oculus Rift's own 3D content and production tool Oculus Medium. It gives a good overview of just what these virtual reality tools can already do. See for yourself.

MIT’s DuoSkin – Conductive Smart Tattoos Which Connect With Your Mobile Phone
17 August, 2016

The MIT Media Lab has recently developed metallic temporary tattoos which can communicate with other electronic devices such as sending signals to your mobile phone. They call it

3D Modelling in Virtual Reality
25 May, 2016

In the past few months, three experimental products have appeared which capitalise on virtual reality for use in 3D modelling.

Economist Article – The Moving Finger Moves On – Advances in Touch Screen User Interfaces
15 February, 2016

The Economist has recently released an excellent technology research piece on recent innovations in touch screen technology.

Jewellery as a Projection Mapping Onto the Body?
8 February, 2016

With recent advances in body projection and motion tracking, it seems several designers and developers are revisiting the idea of projecting jewellery and accessories as light onto the body. Only this time, they've added a whole new level of functionality.

A Credit Card On Your Wrist, a Debit Card On Your Keychain – Barclaycard’s bPay Wearable Technology
27 July, 2015

Recently Barclaycard announced it’s latest foray into RFID-based contactless payment technology, with the Barclaycard bPay system. By embedding the touch pay system from their credit cards into wristbands,

Introducing Cadfolio – A New Production Management Website for CAD Jewellery Businesses
1 May, 2015

For those who have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been quite keen on following the changes happening with the way CAD and

Setting Up the Cintiq Pen Tablet to Work Better with Zbrush.
12 March, 2015

A very talented colleague of mine here in the UK has recently completed an online tutorial (along with a video) on how to set up your Wacom

Face By Holition – Next Generation Face Tracking Augmented Reality For Cosmetics
10 February, 2015

From the clever people (and old colleagues of mine) at Holition comes another wonderful innovation in augmented reality. Introducing Face by Holition, an app which uses next

New Magnetic Slate Allows You to Instantly Scan Your Drawings While You Draw
22 January, 2015

On the Rocket News 24 blog, I found an article the other day about a new tablet accessory called the iSketchnote. This accessory lets you put any kind of